Thursday, November 18, 2010

John Street Cafe (Grade A)

* Date November 2010
* Address  8338 North Lombard, Portland Oregon
* Phone Number 503-247-1066
* Hours:  Wed-Fri 7AM to 2:30PM; Sat 7:30 to NOON; Sunday 7:30AM to 2:30PM
* Comments of Decor:  very nice open space with REAL ART WORK on the walls!
* The Food Was:  Outstanding all around, not a giant menu, but everything is will prepared and nicely presented -- and of special note is the pancake with the figs in it -- I forget the name they gave it but it is the BEST pancake I've had. Go there an try it.. you will be glad you did.
* You Ought to Try The pancake with the figs in it
* The Service Was -- friendly and a bit laid back --not exactly professional but not annoyingly so
* * Of special note the art on the walls is appreciated
* We will go back? It is a little out of the way--but certainly if we are in the neighborhood during the limited hours they are open we would certainly stop
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  1. One of the greatest spots for a nice brunch.
    Love the food, love the owners. Love the atmosphere. Seriously. It's a true gem.
    the black bean omelet is my favorite.
    Next to poached eggs.


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